About Us


Extreme storm solutions was founded in 2011

We specialize and are committed to helping homeowners and commercial property owners rebuild their properties after a devastating and severe weather related catastrophe by helping you through the insurance claim process by using the most advanced technology in the industry including aerial cad sketches not only for your roof but siding as well, we can guarantee to have most accurate detailed scopes of work provided for you and your insurance company. In addition to our aerial cad sketches, we also focus on using advanced weather forensics mapping systems to ensure accurate reporting of exactly when a date of loss occurred. Combining and utilizing these systems throughout the  process is imperative to have a swift, painless, and effective recovery to your damaged property.

You can always feel confident

in starting a relationship with our company for 100% satisfaction is our goal to you by implementing our system with the highest expertise and knowledge in the storm damage process. Extreme Storm Solutions will have your property restored from any catastrophic storm related damage quickly and effectively. Our clients can count on us to get the fairest  settlement in order for us to use the highest quality material throughout the entire project. At the end of the day, our goal is to make sure our clients never have to worry about having any out of pocket expense to their recovery other than their deductible.

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