When a big storm comes through

you’re often left with hail, water, and wind damage. Hopefully you’re also left with your home largely intact. The elements can all wreck havoc on your homes exterior, potentially compromising its structural and protective integrity and when your home isn’t safe, you and your family aren’t safe.

We are experts

at assessing damage and identifying the appropriate steps to make your house look like new again, including replacing windows, siding, and doors. We take all the hassle out of the process, including working with insurance adjusters, to make sure your home is repaired and you’re satisfied with the results. With our help, you can get your home and your life back in order stress-free.

Storm Hit Areas

Click on the link below to view the areas that have been recently hit by major storms...

Our approach on Storm Restoration is unparalleled

handshake We believe that our methods of recovery and restoration top that of the largest storm restoration firms in the United States. Reason being, we believe in making the road to recovery very pleasant and meaningful. We are not out to chase a dollar but rather we are out to add a member to the E.S.S. family. That means that we will treat you like we treat our current family and we will treat you like you deserve to be treated.

When the process is finished

smileyface and it comes to putting your home or business back together, we will counsel you based on your needs and wants. We promise to never steer you into a product that only benefits our bottom line. It is your home and your choice and we respect that.